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High Adsense CPC Best Keyword and Nices Research 2019 / BPK Adsense

How to research keywords with high CPC / CPC Adsense

All pasting creators want to get a lot of Adsense income even though the visitors that are obtained are only a few. Many of the Bloggers only focus on visitors who come. The only thing that is thought is the more visitors, the greater the income they get. But can we guarantee that visitors who come in accordance with what we expect, and Keyword Research is one of the tricks so that the articles we make are not wasted?

CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) greatly affects your AdSense earnings. The greater the CPC value, the more income you earn will also increase. Even though the visitor statistics are quite small if your Adsense CPC is large, the results will definitely be very satisfying. By keyword research CPC / BPK Adsense which is quite high, it is expected that the article that we have created can get a pretty big click value too.

This method is actually widely used by blog writers with Adsense. So your article must be ready to compete on the Google homepage. If the strength of the backlink and the age of the blog are insufficient, be patient to wait. By doing research and creating articles with high CPC, not only is the value of clicks high but the display count of Google Adsense ads can also be high.

We often see total income greater than the total appearance of ads. So even though there are no Adsense Ads that you click on, then the Income from Page Vies also exists. This proves that the quality and type of content that we make is very influential and now start to try to make a useful article and don't forget to do keyword research first. Although it will be difficult to appear on the Google homepage, at least there are certainly 10 or 100 articles that you make in the Google Search Page One

How to research keywords with high CPC / CPC Adsense

How to research keywords using Keywords Everywhere on Google Chrome and Firefox:

a. The first step, please visit the Keywords Everywhere site.
b. Install according to the browsing application you are using (Chrome or Firefox).
c. Chrome specifically select Add to Chrome & gt; & gt; Add Extensions & gt; & gt; Please enter an Email to receive the API Code.
d. Check Email and click the received link to see the API Code ...
e. Then click the "K" icon in the right corner of your computer because it has successfully installed Keywords Everywhere.
f. Please select Update Settings and enter the API Key Code. Look down to set the target country and the CPC value. After that click Validate.

g. To do Keyword Research is quite easy. Please write down the keyword and select Get search volume and CPC, the display will come out where there will be keywords and the CPC value.

How to research keywords using Semrush:

a.The first step please visit the Semrush site.
b.Register for free but only a 14-day trial.
c.To do Keyword Research, please select Keyword Analytics in the top left corner menu.
d.Enter keywords in the column provided and click Search, Volume Search, CPC Value and Competition or Competition will appear.

If you are interested in getting high Adsense Earnings, please try doing keyword research with the two sites above. To get a high CPC value is not easy because the articles you make also affect the quality and level of satisfaction of visitors. Visitor satisfaction here means that visitors prefer to linger on your blog.

And if you are interested in getting Adsense Earnings until you can do Keyword Research with the two sites we created above. To get a high CPC score is not easy because the articles you make can also affect the quality of the CPC and the Templates that we make must also be a Friendly user so that the quality of funds is greater because visitors are more comfortable reading your articles comfortably and will last all of your blogs 😊

Doing research on keywords or keywords to get high CPC Adsense values is good enough but do not interfere with your actual Writing. After doing research on average, the author will Rewrite other people's articles. Writing the results of your own thoughts with Rewrite is very different in results.