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Cara cepat di terima Google Adsense 2019 | Cara ini WORK dan terbukti

Something really and fun in the world of Blogger is received by Google Adsense to become a partner of the Google Adsense advertising platform, but not a few people are disappointed and choose to leave the blogging world because Google Adsense registration that has not been approved. Google Adsense is an advertising platform provided by Google for blog developers and publishers to be able to generate money purses such as Rupiah or Dollar. A Blog A website does not feel interesting if it has not been paired or linked to advertisements displayed by Google Ads, because of several websites within the country and abroad the average appearance of the ads is less attractive to visitors.

Google Adsense has many advantages compared to other advertising products such as kliksaya.com, which has passed away, Blogger Gathering, Blog Network ID, AdPlus, AdsenseCamp, Adstar, PPCIndo.com, proven on every major website like Yahoo.com, Detik. com and other large websites almost all advertise from GA products.

Back to the subject matter of how to quickly receive Google Adsense, here are tips from masnanta.com:
1. Create a Website / Blog by choosing the right domain (.com, .co.id etc.)
2. Posting articles original or originally written by a friend, if you want to copy, please copy the article to NotePad first, editor exchange each paragraph so that it is not read by Google.
3. Create an image for the original article or copy from Google but remember to change the name on the friend's computer and edit the image in Paint, for example, given the writing or change the color to black and white.
4. All links in the blog template do not lead to other websites or lead to the blog label, for example, the menu above the blog creates a link directly to the blog article
5. Create an About page, Contact, Privacy, Sitemap
6. Re-check every link that there is no error because it will affect Google's judgment.
7. Post as many articles with a minimum of 300 words, more vocabulary will be made more SEO articles.
8. Blog age of at least 4 months and articles with at least 100 posts such as masnanta.com blog when received GA 5 months old with 166 articles.
9. Register the blog/web to the webmaster (many tutorials are provided on Google) and submit every friend finished publishing a blog article to HERE.
10. If all is ready, please register your blog to existing Google Adsense with Email and make sure your friend's IP address is in Indonesia, masnanta.com lists through an Android cellphone that is definitely using the India home Indonesia network.
11. There are 2 reasons for rejecting Google Adsense most often because the article is inadequate or the Email has been used, for articles that are inadequate, just ignore it and continue to focus on writing articles and if due to Email that your friend registers you should replace with New Email and Register with Biodata new. Like when masnanta.com was received by GA it was using the Biodata of another person (brother).
12. If you still refuse do not give up, check the link blog whether there are still errors or there is a Blog Link that leads to the label. Open the email and re-register with the same email.
13. When the first Review check-in Dashboard Google Adsense, if it can be opened, it means that you pass the first stage, then quickly install the Ad unit. Install the GA Ad unit on the Header and below the blog post because the ad will continue to appear even on the mobile version. At the second review, the ad is still blank or empty, just wait when it is approved, the ad will appear automatically.

Those are tips and tricks from masnanta.com. I hope this article is useful, if you are not clear, please give a question in the comments column and I will be happy to help, good luck and good luck.