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Some Task For Practicing IELTS Test in 2019| Tips And Trick High Score

I Complete the career steps below using the verbs in the box.
2     Place the chunks of language from Exercise I in a likely sequence on a 'career ladder'.
3     Compare your answers to Exercise 2 with a partner. Were any steps in a different order? Are there any other important steps to take in order to have a successful career?
4     Look at these aspects of a job. Rank the five most important aspects for you (1 = the most important, 5 = the least important). Underline three which would make the job difficult.

  • being stuck behind a desk all day
  • earning good money        
  • having the chance to work overtime
  • having job security
  • having a boss who breathes down
  • doing the same thing day in, day out      your neck
  • working on your ownhaving an understanding boss
  • being part of a team  
  • having the chance to gain promotion
  • being your own boss
  • facing new challenges every day

Compare and explain your choices with a partner.
5     You work in the Human Resources department of Big Apple Promotions, a large business in the centre of New York. You know that many members of staff at a rival firm, Rotten Apple Promotions, are unhappy about some of the working conditions there. Write a 75-word advertisement targeting staff at Rotten Apple saying why things will be different at Big Apple. Compare your ad with that of a partner. Which job sounds the most attractive?Example: 

    2. Write the sentences from Exercise 1 out in full using tend (not) to and a verb.
Add a second sentence to give a reason.

Example: 1 Children nowadays tend to do less exercise than in the past. This is because they spend hours on end using computers and game console
3 Write sentences using tend (not) to to say what you think about some of these topics.
  •       older people
  • *      children who grow up in large families
  • *       celebrities  
  • *      politicians  
  • *      men
  • *      women
  • *      disorganized people
  • *      trains
  • *      people who have travelled a lot
  • *      large cities professional footballers

Example: In my opinion,older people tend to have more experience and are able to give good advice about lots of situation in life
4. Look at a partner's sentences from Exercise 3. Choose two of their examples you like and write them down.

5.    Finish these sentences with an example of impersonal you.
·         One of the best parts of living abroad is that ….
·         Owning a car means that….
·         One negative side of living in the countryside is that…
·         If you have noisy neighbours….
·         If there is too much pressure in your job…
·         Another positive of running your own business is that…

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