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IELTS Learning Methods Self-taught For Beginners That Can Be Tried

IELTS Learning Method Self-taught - Want to continue studying abroad must indeed go through many challenges, many tests must be passed. One of them is the IELTS test, which is one of the requirements to continue studying abroad, especially in America and Australia.
A busy schedule every day can no longer be shared to take an IELTS course, and also the costs required are not small. Then the only solution is to learn self-taught IELTS. Whether learning autodidact IELTS can help you get a high score during an IELTS test.
Getting a high score during an IELTS test is actually not an easy thing but also cannot be underestimated. The IELTS test is actually not that different from the TOEFL test, so if you have previously taken the TOEFL test and got a high score, then most likely in the IELTS test you will also get a high score

3 IELTS Learning Methods Self-taught For Beginners That Can Be Tried

However, you also need to know what the IELTS test looks like with self-taught IELTS. Check out the following self-taught IELTS learning methods:

1. Buy an IELTS Book
Currently, there are many books for IELTS test preparation that you can get in bookstores. Or if you don't have time to book a store, you can also able at an online shop.
There you can choose the book you need most, whether it's just a collection of IELTS questions or books that have been equipped with strategies to deal with IELTS tests that have been equipped with a collection of IELTS tests.

2. Download E-Book IELTS
Not only printed books, but you can also learn self-taught IELTS with your sophisticated mobile phone because there are already many free and paid IELTS applications in PlayStore. And also just by capitalizing on your cellphone, you can study anywhere. It doesn't take special time with long duration to study, but more often it will be better.

Websites that can be visited: 

3. Increase Vocabulary
The IELTS test will not be separated from reading, writing, listening, speaking, so if your English is not fluent, multiply your vocabulary especially scientific vocabulary. This will help you during the exam, so you can read the dictionary more, or make it easier you can download the dictionary on your mobile too. And make it a habit to read the dictionary in the morning because your memory will be higher in the morning. That's 3 self-taught IELTS learning methods, and for those of you who feel that self-taught learning isn't optimal, you can take an IELTS course. For the Jakarta area, you can take a course at West Wood Preparation.