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Cambridge Practice Tests For IELTS Series (1 – 14) Student’s Book With Answers With Audio

Hi everyone now I will share anything about IELTS Book like Cambridge Series , Dr.Makkar , Collin , Ngobach Series , and anything related about IELTS practice .Because I know everyone needed this book for practicing English Skill like Reading,Writing ,and Listening .
But I willn`t share all series because I didn’t have much series for sharing for you guys and Don`t worried because I have some E-book for practicing your Ielts Test .

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Cambridge Series
·         Cambridge IELTS 1            Miror                  Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS2            Miror                  Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS3            Miror                  Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS4            Miror                  Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS5            Miror                  Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS6            Miror                  Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS7            Miror                  Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS8            Miror                  Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS9            Miror                  Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS10         Miror                   Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS11         Miror                   Miror 2
·         Cambridge IELTS12         Miror                   Miror 2

 Cambridge IELTS 14 (academic)
Cambridge IELTS 14 ( General Training)

Dr. Makkar  
·         2015
·         2017
·         2018 
·         latest April 2019  visit : http://bit.ly/2YGdHas

By Veronika
These books are truly a comprehensive resource pack which help me prepare better for my IELTS test. I went through all the tests in these 11 books and improved my vocabulary by using Cambridge English Collocation in Use and Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS. In the end, hard work paid off. I got 7.5 in IELTS and will apply for a scholarship soon.
By Tamar
This resource is suitable for me to study on my own, The books and CD-Rom have a great number of practical exercises which help me familiarize with all the four skills.
By Deneshi
It is very helpful for my studies. I hope Cambridge IELTS continue to publish more editions soon.
By Sophia Tran
I’m glad that I bought this book. I used it for studying for my IELTS exam and I got an outstanding score which is more than I expected to get. I think that the most important thing that helped me is the four complete practice tests on all the sections. I’m satisfied !

we hope you enjoy guys :)